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Our products range from

-      Mining Equipment and Pelletizing Plant 

-    Direct Reduction Plant (Coke Base, Gas Base)

-    Steel Making Facility (Induction Furnace, Electrical Arc Furnace, Ladle Furnace),

Ferro Alloy System (Sub Merged Arc Furnace, Rotary Furnace and Converter furnace), Water Treatment Plant, Air Separation Plant , Auxiliary Equipments

-    Continuous Steel Casting Machine (Billet Caster, Slab Caster)

-    Reheating Furnaces (Pusher Type, Walking Beam and Walking Hearth)

-    Long Product Rolling Mill (Bar Mills, Section Mills, High speed Wire Rod, Special Steel Rolling Mill, Universal Stands for Beams)

-    Air Pollution Control (for Electrical Arc Furnace , Induction Furnac and Ladle furnces)

And our Services include:

-           Engineering 

-           Erection and Commissioning

-           Training

-           Production Management

-           Spare parts and After Sales

-           Maintenance


RANA STEEL GROUP has performed the following

Turn Key Project of Steel Making Facility                                  7 Plants

Turn Key Project of Rolling Mills for long Products                    28 Plants

Turn Key Project of DRI Plant, Ferro Alloys Plants                      3  Plants

Revamping Plants and Technical Assistant                                 85 Projects